Truth about Calories

Hello All, This blog is going to once again take a slight step away from running and instead focus on calories and how with my personal experience and research on the best ways to manage calories. What are Calories? Calories are the energy required by the body to fully digest the food/drink being consumed. This … Continue reading Truth about Calories


Running Apps

Hello All, This blog is going to be based around running apps, for me running apps keep the at times repetitive runs interesting and competitive, the ability for an app to store and show progress for similar runs is key. Whilst at the same time many of the apps having social features for adding friends … Continue reading Running Apps

Welcome to my Running and lifestyle Blog!

Blog Overview Hello All, Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog entry and hopefully stay for the foreseeable future, This blog is going to explore and give many of you the basic knowledge for getting into or staying in running, and I’m hoping to maximise your goals associated with running whatever they … Continue reading Welcome to my Running and lifestyle Blog!